An Aspect of Love, Alive in the Ice and Fire


LaBohem Brown
In a package of minutes there is this We.
How beautiful.
Merry foreigners in our morning,
we laugh, we touch each other,
are responsible props and posts.


A physical light is in the room.


Because the world is at the window
we cannot wonder very long.


You rise. Although
genial, you are in yourself again.
I observe
your direct and respectable stride.
You are direct and self-accepting as a lion
in Afrikan velvet. You are level, lean,


There is a moment in Camaraderie
when interruption is not to be understood.
I cannot bear an interruption.
This is the shining joy;
the time of not-to-end.


On the street we smile.
We go
in different directions
down the imperturbable street.